Menu Options\Preferences makes it possible to configurationMesNews.

The different options are grouped in zones and are shown in tree form :

  • General : miscellaneous settings
  • Colors : management options colors
    • Marked messages : color and style of marked messages
    • Info groups : colors of groups according to presence of new or followed up messages
  • Messages : options management messages.
  • Show : options how to show messages, as safety options for html messages
    • Security : activate/deactivate of scripts, activeX and java in the html messages
    • :Display: management of tree of messages and also the view of messages
  • Miscellaneous :miscellaneous settings
    • Miscellaneous : choice of settings for alert boxes
    • Sound : management of sound in MesNews
  • Screen : Placement of different zones on your screen
    • Others : show of MesNews in the systray.

Remark :
- the settings chosen here will be used after clicking on the Validate button.