Preferences - Miscellaneous - Sound

In the screen of the menu Options\Preferences you can set the sounds used by MesNews :

zone Sound :

In some cases MesNews can make a sound:

  • Questions, dialog boxes : when ticked you will hear a sound when MesNews gives a dialog box.
  • Startup : when ticked you hear a sound when MesNews starts up.
  • Followed post arrival : when ticked and you are reading a group where a reply arrives in a followed conversation, you will hear a sound.
  • New post arrival: when ticked and a new post arrives in the group you will hear a sound. When the previous box is ticked then you will hear a sound when the message doesn't belong to a followed conversation.

Remark :
- The choice of sounds can not be changed in MesNews. But.. you can change the sound by replacing the sound files in the folder Son, you will find this folder in the installation folder of MesNews.
- When more than one message arrives in a selected group only one sound will be played not one sound for each message.