Preferences - Miscellaneous

The screen of the menu Options\Preferences lets you set the options for MesNews :

zone Default Newsreader :

The list shows the newsreaders installed on this computer. By selecting MesNews in the list MesNews will be used when you click on a url like news://.

zone Miscellaneous :

  • Dialogbox activated : when ticked a dialogbox will be used. This is information that will be shown when you stay a while on a zone with your cursor. These boxes will give you added information.
  • Delay duration before to display the the dialogbox (ms) : set the time (in ms) the cursor has to hover over the zone before the information is given. In Windows the default is 5 ms.
  • Duration to display of the dialogbox (ms) : set the time (in ms) how long the dialogbox will be on the screen. The dialogbox will disappear after set time. In Windows the default value is 10 seconds (10000 ms).