Preferences - General

The first screen of the menu Options\Preferences Lets you edit the used fonts in MesNews :

Zone Editor fonts :

This zone lets you set the font type that will be used in the screens of MesNews .

When the box Default setting is ticked the default Windows font will be used (default settings Windows). To use a different type you have to untick this box and chose a different font and the preferred size : an overview will be shown in the bottom zone to give you an example of the chosen font.

Remark : the choice of this font type has influence on all the screens of MesNews, except the message screen (this can be adjusted by choosing a style in view of messages) and the used font type when writing a message (to set in same screen in zone Message\Composition)

Zone Serversbar : Height of menu's :

The serversbar lets you show a bar with all the servers you are subscribed. With for each server a list of the subscribed groups. The setting to show/not show the serversbar is been set in the preferences under screen. When the box for Height of the menu's (group) automatic is ticked the menu's for the groups will be shown with automatic calculated Height (The Height depends on the choice made in view in menu / options). To force a Height you have to untick the box and put in the amount of pixels for each menu. (This option is useful if you have a lot of groups on one server: this way all the groups can be seen in the menu's without having to scroll. ).