Main program MesNews

To install MesNews, download and execute one of those files on your computer.

Observation: To update an earlier version of Mesnews you need to select "To update"

version - Latest version


    Setup in the following languages :
  • fr French
  • gb English
  • nl Nederlands
  • it Italian
  • es Spanish
  • sw Sweden
  • de German
  • da Danish

(about 2.45 MB)

Latest release : what's new ?

MesNews : help

To install the help, download one of those files en copy this to the root of Mesnews (default is this C:\Program Files\Mesnews) :


Helpfile in French



Helpfile in Dutch



Helpfile in German


Observation : once you have installed the helpfile you need to restart Mesnews. After this you see a help button in the Mesnews screens, to activate the helpfile you can choose the shortcut F1.
If you install more than one helpfile then the helpfile of your used MesNews language is being used.

Spell checker

In the window where you create a message, spell-checking will be available if you click the "ABC"-icon. With MS Office fully installed, this should already work. However, if the spell-checker is not available for any reason, you will find a compatible one here: You'll have to download and install the file ISpEnFrGe.exe. The direct link is
Once installed, restart MesNews, go into the menu Options\Preferences and check your dictionary of choice.


( have a look at the plugin's sheet )

MesNews : more information...? need assistance...?

For more information about MesNews :
  - the Frequently Asked Questions on MesNews (FAQ)
  - on the forum news://
  - or fill out the form on the contact page