To make a donation for MesNews

MesNews is a Freeware. A software for reading newsgroups (Newsreader for groups on Usenet). Free, so it comes in the categorie of Freeware. You are allowed to use MesNews without having to pay for it and you don't need a licence.
But... you are free to donate a gift to the author of MesNews.

Why donations ?

To reward the author for the work he did and to help him to develop MesNews further. Although the author made MesNews as a hobby, it takes a lot of his time and donations help him to get MesNews further developed. This for the pleasure of the users, always asking for more improvement and corrections.

How can you donate ?

Paypal is a service to make payments via secure server, with a credit card or by email. To donate something via Paypal, click on one of following links :

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Donation of 15 euros

Donation of 20 euros

Donation of 30 euros

Donation of 40 euros

Donation of 50 euros

Donation of 75 euros

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