Menu Group

Index of the menu Group :

  • Group list of the server : shows a submenu with the list of available groups on the selected server.
  • Display order of the groups : via this menu you can change the display of order of the groups and the servers in the tree view of groups in the servers bar.
  • Properties of the selected group : shows the properties of the selected group. To see the properties of a different group go to the menu List group on server to see the full list of groups and use the button Properties you find in this list
  • Search in de group : Shows a screen that lets you search in the messages in a group. This you can do by subject, name, emailadres, date etc. d
  • Search by ID/ number : shows the screen search message by ID or number, you can search the messages of a group by their number on server.
  • Special loading of messages : lets you do a special loading of messages, of older messages on server. By default MesNews only loads the new messages on a group. This menu makes it possible to find older messages. The screen shown gives you the choice of messages still available on server.
  • Statistics about the group : makes it possible to make multiple statistics of the selected group.