Group list of the server

Menu Group\Group list of the server shows you the groups you can be subscribed to. This screen is shown automatic when you configure a new server, to let you download all the available groups on the server. You have to work via this screen to subscribe to new groups.

The screen list of groups :

In the middle you will see all available groups on the server. This window has 10 columns :

  • First column: Shows the number of the group according to this arrangement. To change the sequence click once on the heading of a column. A second click lets you arrange the groups the reversed order.
  • Second column : this column shows you if you are subscribed to the group (followed up group) The symbol shows you are subscribed: It appears in the serversbar and serverstree.
  • Third column: shows the group modus.
    • : subscribed group, the messages are all downloaded during synchronization.
    • : subscribed group, the new headers are downloaded during synchronization (only the subjects of new messages, no body's)
    • : subscribed group, the amount of the new messages is downloaded during synchronization (no subjects no body's )
    • : not subscribed group, or subscribed but not synchronized. (subscribed if there is an icon in the 2nd column)
  • Forth column: the icon shows that the group is read only (you can not post messages yourself). OR, this group is moderated.
  • Fifth column : when this symbol is present you have access to that group via the short key "next unread message" when you read the messages of the group.
  • Sixth column : a value that shows the amount of days a message will be saved local. If no value then this means you haven't filled in a value for storage of messages.
  • Seventh column : the symbol shows that this group is just added on server (or that it just appeared in list after refreshing list of groups on server)
  • Eight column : the column "Code" shows the intern code of the group.
  • Ninth column: the column "Forum" shows the name of the group like it was filled in on server
  • Tenth column :description of the group. This is not always available on server, it can be downloaded by using the button 'description'.

Filter :

The top zone in the screen lets you filter the groups in list:

  • The zone Filter lets you find a group via name. When box is empty you will see all groups. Otherwise you will see all groups that have the word you filled in.
  • The box Case alows you to search with difference of capital letters or not.
  • When the box New is ticked then the list will only show the new groups on server (the groups that have the stop symbol in the fifth column).

The buttons :

The buttons on the right of the screen let you work on groups or on selected groups.

  • Server group : shows screen management of servers.
  • Subscribe : Lets you subscribe to the selected group. You can also richtclick on group and choose Subscribe in the menu, or doubleclick on the group.
  • Unsubscribe : Lets you unsubscribe to the selected group. Attention : When you unsubscribe a group, all messages will be removed that where downloaded from that group .
  • Properties : shows the screen setting of group of the selected group
  • New : downloads the names of all new groups available on server.
  • New (date) : downloads all the names of new groups available on server since certain date.
  • Reinitialize : downloads the full list of groups available on server. This can take some time according to the amount of groups available.
  • Manual creation : lets you subscribe to a group of which you know the name, even if that group is not on list (example, to subscribe to a group on Usenet without having to download all names of groups available on server)
  • Description: download the list of descriptions, like described on server. This downloads ALL descriptions of ALL groups and can take up a long time. especially if you have a slow connection.

Remarks :

  • To refresh a group you can unsubscribe and then subscribe again.
  • When there are new groups available on server this screen will show only the new groups. When you untick the box New you will see all groups available again.
  • Remember the menu you get when you rightclick on a group, this will show you the most used actions.