Management message rules

Menu Settings\Rules of messages makes it possible to set/adjust your filters on messages, for upload, also for viewing. The following screen gives a list of existing rules.

The list gives a total of the existing rules. The red rules are inactive, and are not used by MesNews.

The buttons on the right let you manage the rules. the screen message rules appears when pushing a button :

  • New : to add a new rule
  • Modify : to edit the selected rule. Can also be done by dubble clicking the name of the rule
  • Remove : to remove a rule
  • copy : used to make a new rule by copying all the information of the selected rule.

The buttons Up and down make it possible to rearrange the rules.

Remark :

  • The order of the rules is important: for each message (download or view) MesNews checks all rules till one is found that can be applied. Incase more than one rule applies, the first one will be chosen.
  • Rules colored red in the table are inactive.