What's new in the last release ?

**** Version : - 22/12/2008 ****
- rules for messages: change of the info never expires. (999)
- improvement in 'decode combined messages with images'
- improvement of the context menu: 'copy discution...' which on some installations was a bit off-set.
- placement of the smiley collections in the panel 'preferences-smileys'
- option to expand treeview with unread messages: works also in case of an incomplete thread.
- message display: "|" is no longer replaced by ">"  in the signature part of a message.
- message in html: blocking of closing a window in Javascript
- Keyboard short-cut's: It's impossible now to assign the same short-cut to multiple functions. One short-cut assigned to one function.

**** Version : - 19/06/2008 ****
-messages rules : gives acces to the test button for the regular
expressions but only when criteria "regxp" was selected.
-When a message is being localy deleted then the focus moves to the
preceding message.
-Right clic in a message : menu to save the entire tread in a file.
-Detection of the MesNews version (to make tests in Wine Linux)
-Improvement for the problem when using the ">" in the display of the
messages when selecting text to reply.

**** Version : - 13/05/2008 ****
- possibility to select the character ">" or not as quote character (in stead
of the vertical bar) in the body.
- Print button works again.
- confirmation message when opening a url: the url is shown.
- composition of messages: use of the quote colors of the body of the message.
- better rendering of the source of a message: problem with scroll bars solved
- possibility to place the central bar all around the body screen
(options|preferences|central bar)
- improvement with freezing of some messages where the subject is > 2000
- improvement with the synchronization of new groups on the first server.
- improvement of the problem of sending an attachment when it was also in use
by another program.

**** Version : - 08/03/2008 ****
- news server management in SSL (thanks to Pierre who has payed so everybody can benefit and to François who supplied the components)
- server properties:
    * addition of the option SSL in the autentication tab.
    * move of the option 'server port'
    * if SSL selected, port 995 is default. If not selected port 119 is used
- removing of a message in the local folders (sent/to be sent/draft) : direct deletion of message.
- options: closing of the thread without messages read when using a keyboard shortcut to go to the next message non-read
- when combining several messages, copying and moving to a folder copies the result of the combined ones
- correction of the animation problem while retrieving groups from a server
- correction of a url problem in windows 98
- verification of mail in the parameters/configuration of the servers/configuration of servers to force a 'decent' and valid e-mail address.
- correction of problem in Vista/xp: selection ticks were disappearing when using ALT
- at the first installation, creation of access to the 2 MesNews groups. Access of other groups on the server needs a request for userid/password on zoo-logique.org.
- yenc encoding: correction of a problem in the lenght of the lines.

**** Version : - 25/11/2007 ****
- modification of the buttons : no vertical buttons anymore, to allow compatibility with XP.
- bug : columns of the message tree wich not always appeared in the correct order.
- Usenet search : uses the howardk.freenix.org service to recuperate a message.
- adding the Manifest to allow the real xp style.
- detection of Vista.
- getting the modified help for Vista.
- opening of the URL's in Unicode.
- maintaining the information files for Vista.
- Note : modification of the setup.

**** Version : - 05/07/2006 ****
[+] IP: It's possible to see the header "X-WBNR-Posting-Host" (Which is used by de web Interface of Microsoft
[+] There are added two new variables ([NBNONLU] and [NBNONLU2]) for the message tree (this allows you to see the amount of unread messages in a thread)
[+] Column configuration; you can change the position of each column (left, right or centered)
[+] Message body ; support for links of this format 

[+] Grouplist; it's possible to filter on RegExp (regular expressions)
[+] Grouplist; a column is added which shows the available messages from a group on the selected server

Message rules
[+] you can add a backgroundcolour to messages
[+] you can filter on a RegExp
[+] you can filter on the full reference of an original message
[+] the option "Download the body of a message" allows you to force downloading the body of a message

[+] you can filter on a RegExp
[+] you can filter on a Message-ID
[+] decode subjects/name/e-mails

[+] selected message in message tree; it's possible to choose if the message should keep the colours of the filters (or just in blue on a white background)
[+] Possibility to insert the variables [SUJETCHANGE+NOM] (which are used in the message tree)
[+] Possibility to insert a dividing line between threads
[+] Possibility to change the backgroundcolour of the threads (even and odd threads)
[+] Possibility to refresh the group after sending a message, uncheck these option to download not new messages after sending a message to the group

Menu Messages\Message display options
[+] View of messages (by thread) depending on a defined criteria
[+] MView a pseudo message in the beginning when a thread is incomplete
[+] Option to view messages only for 1, 2, 3, or 5 days.

Menu Messages\Message display
[+] You can change fast the criterias for viewing messages

[x] Detection of smileys in the beginning of a line with more then 72 characters (in flowed mode)

[-] Improved speed of finding messages from the index and a faster view of messages in the message tree
[-] Options; View central bar on two lines; now it is possible to view the inforation horizontally
[-] Menu; Disk usage ; improved in case the space in use is more then 2,1 Gigabytes

**** Version : - 07/03/2006 ****
New functions :
- A New sound for synchronized groups in the background
- Added a new icon to refresh all the groups. (behind the refresh button refresh selected groups)
- Center the selected message/element in the message-tree
- Added a checkbox in grouplist which allows you to open the selected group directly after you closed the grouplist window
- Possible to decode the field "From" if the name contains some other non US-ASCII characters (you can disable this in File>Settings>Advanced, tab expert)
- The server bar can be showed on more than one rule
- The central bar can be showed on two rules
- In the central bar (Screwdriver\Textformat\Image view) you can choose to view the first image automatically
Message rules:
- A new filter which can be applied to an amount of rules
- Possibility to apply a color to a particular column (name, subject etc)
- Rules can be applied to only one server
- Rules can be applied to all messages, only the start post or only the answers

Updated functions :
- An updated spell-check before sending a message
- Set the time (in ms) before a message is marked as 'read' in the tree
- Possibility to exclude signatures and formulations from a search
- You can change the position of the 3 windows from MesNews into 51 different configurations
- The screen "about" contains now some colors in the tab News and Thanks. Not very useful but it looks nice
- The English language file is updated
- When you deleted the files manually from a group they weren't removed from the hard drive, only if you set the storage period different to 0. Now you can delete all messages (from a date) manually and the files are removed automatically from your hard drive.

Removed functions :
- Removed the icon for ICQ

Fixed Bugs :
- "Re:" will be added even when the "Re:" in the subject is decoded
- Fixed the separator which stayed in the server-tree when it was removed

**** Version - 12/7/2005 ****
- ATTENTION : When you are composing a new message you need to use a default font (like Courrier).
- Charsets, you can set this global/by server/by group.
- Options:
      * deactivate the flowed mode
      * set the rulelength (default is 72 characters)
      * replying on a message : do not insert the ">" before the empty lines.
      * Adjustable infoballoon on the icon of MesNews>
- Formatting of a message :
      * force the use of a default font
      * colorview of the quotes (you can disable this setting in options)
      * an added line at the border of the 72 caracters
      * quote button : a menu to 'requote' text
- Added a limit to the sent headers
- Set a default formulation (File>parameters)
- View the size of the sent/received data in bytes/KB/MB.
- Menu group\search inside a group : a button to ignore answers on a message,
a button to start a search at the beginning.
- Dictionary : the task of ISpell.exe is terminated when MesNews is closing.
- Improvement with the problems of the icon on the toolbar in the middle
- Menu message>fontsets : change the charset of a viewed message.

**** Version - 3/3/2005 ****
- menu "mark as read (when thread is closed)" : mark the chosen message as read. When the message is the original posting then the whole thread will be marked as read.
- bug : answer to message with 80 ">" on same line (whitout space)
- search message with ID on server: Used to ask to subscribe to server
- impossible to send message to unsubscribed groups
- rules of messages : button to apply a rule to whole group
- Show message in text format, even if only the html format is available
- send mail: login/pasw
- view of a group with more than 300 unread messages : when answering "cancel" on the question this question won't be asked anymore for this group (except when using the 3th icon to refresh)
- writing message: separating of name and mail
- send message: encoding of the username by putting it between " " 
- list of groups on server: button apply to copy the properties to other selected groups
- management of plugins : an added plugin is not active by default.
- statistics: 
    *add % in tables
    *option to only show % or amount
- option : view XFaces/Faces left or right
- possiblility to change the order of the pseudo-servers "backup" and "postbox" 
- view of pseudo server in serversbar to show local files (to set in menu "Group\show order groups..."
- Regrouping of messages from same thread when the original message is missing (or if the conversation started up in other group)
- writing a message : new button to send to group AND by email
- option to put url's in form in headers
- option to answer a message without downloading it
- shortcut "next unread message" : works when choosing server in tree of groups.
- searchscreen: button to download automatically the information of the chosen message
- sounds: other sound according to answer to own message or answer to message in followed up thread
- option to change color of server when a group has answers in followed up thread
- properties of group: button "copy properties" to copy these to other group
- tree of messages can be set according to five different parameters :
    * real groups
    * sent messages
    * messages to send
    * draft
    * local files
- server/message search... : possibility to search message on Google 
- quicker upload of plugins at startup MesNews, also quicker turn off
- change of component to write message in html, more options (add link, remove link, add control...)
**** Version - 24/9/2004 ****
- improvement : impossible to startup MesNews on certain Windows XP pc's

**** Version : 21/09/2004 ****
- IMPORTANT :  the settings of MesNews are now written and memorised in a .ini file to replace all of them in the Windows register.
- Menu Messages\Send the message
- Search : search in the headers of the messages
- Options :
     * colors of display for the background of the tree view
     * smiley animated or not in the smiley bar of the messages composer (uses less resources if the smileys are not animated)
     * height of the menus (the groups) in the servers bar
     * option to deactivate the sounds marked read automatically within   HTML messages.  In this case, addition of an icon in the central bar allowing the reading of sound.
     * choice of program to open the urls links
     * marking of a message : choice if it is necessary to mark the origin of the conversation.
- Synchronisation of the groups: in the order as servers display
- Setting :  sending protocol of the emails (default = SMTP)
- Moderate groups: display "moderate" in the tools bar (initialise the list of groups to update the groups already loaded)
- Menu "Groups\Display order of the groups" : use the drag and drop
- Style sheet : "div id=xx" in the place of "address class=xx" for the quote.
- Options of the servers : not to search the new groups
- Central bar : button to accede to the top of the thread of a selected message
- Short cuts :
     * button to test if doubles exist
     * button to initiate the shortcuts
- Subscribe to the groups : button to recover the groups of more than X days.
- To remove only one local message (instead of removing a full tree view)
- Formulation fixed for a server or a group
- New shortcut : "Mark all messages as read" with a confirmation through dial box.
- Selected previous/next message : memorised if you leave and return to a group
- Color of the synchronised groups when there is a direct response to a posted message, a followed message in a thread or another message.
- Local folder : prevent from copying 2 times the same message in a folder
- Warning message when you close MesNews if a reply window is still open.
- To copy a full tree view in a folder
- Search a message on a server
- Menu "View full screen"
- Backup of the files containing the settings of servers and groups followed in the folder Datas\Backup (a backup per day, during the first startup of MesNews)

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