Choice of smileys

Smileys are pseudo-grafical symbols, they are used to express your mood. And also to give a certain tone to a text and so give this more precise meaning.

For example an answer like "are you mad, get treatment" can be understood in different way. With a smiley ":-)" (that shows that the writer is smiling) can the text not been taken seriously.

Examples of smileys :

  • :-)    smile
  • :-(    sad
  • mdr    (Mort De Rire-ROFL) : a big fit of laughter (roll on floor laughing)
  • :-[    not satisfied

In MesNews, smileys can be changed into their equivalent graphical value . Menu Configuration\Smileys lets you select an other way of showing the smileys.

Remark :
- to show smileys not graphical you can choose "No smileys" .
- the kind of smileys you use does not have an effect on the messages you send. When send as text file the smileys are send as text not as picture.