Keyboard shortcuts

To change in MesNews the used keyboard shortcuts use the menu Options\keyboard shortcuts. To view all the adjustable shortcuts in MesNews the following screen is shown:

The shortcuts are split up in different groups: family of actions in the zone Tasks. The list of tasks are show in the zone List of tasks. Select a task to be able to adjust the shortcut.

In the bottom zone the name of the task and the used keystrokes will be shown. In the example above the keystrokes F3 en Ctrl+F make it possible to view the screen "search in group"

To adjust a shortcut click on the button modify. The screen modify shortcut will be shown.

The button Review makes it possible to check if there aren't two shortcut keystrokes used for the same task: if the answer is yes than you have to change one of the two shortcuts.

The button reinitialized lets you use the default shortcuts like they are when you installed MesNews.

Remark :
- some keystrokes can not be used as shortcut, the function keys (ALT, CTRL of SHIFT) can not be used on their own etc...
- see page Default shortcuts to view the default MesNews shortcuts at installation.