Menu File

Index menu File :

  • Parameters : gives access to the default parameter screen of MesNews (default settings, email, etc.)
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  • Send post : shows the list of messages send (by email and in groups). This list is managed like a group: you can delete messages, mark, or edit etc.
  • Posts awaiting to be send : show the list of messages written but not yet send. Also the messages for which you got an error message while sending are available here. You can edit or remove them.
  • Drafts : shows a list of messages written in draft. To put a message here you have to tick the box "draft" you can find that box in the compositionscreen at the bottom.
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  • Backup folders management : gives access to screen that makes it possible to make/edit/remove the local folders where you can copy messages.
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  • Local folders : Here in sub-menu you are shown a list of the local folders available. (that were made via menu above) To view messages in a file you have to click on the name. The local folders are managed as groups, exept it is not possible to use certain options (like remove from server or reply a message etc. )
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  • Exit : closing of MesNews