Choice of language

MesNews  is originally made up in French (in default). Although it is possible to let it work in other languages. For this you have to go to the menu Options\choice of language. Following screen will be shown:

The choice Do not use translation forces MesNews to use no translation. The language will be automatically French

The choice Automatic choice (XX) is the default setting (of your system). In this mode MesNews will chose the language of your Windows system. If you use a English Windows then the language will be automatically English. The two letters in between brackets show the default language of your system.

The other possibilities depend of your chosen when you installed MesNews and if you added other language files.

Remark : MesNews available at the moment in French, English, Dutch, Italian and Swedish. To know about the availability of other languages (or to help to translate) you can visit the site of MesNews or the newsgroup MesNews.International.

Once validated the chosen language will be used. When you have chosen Do not use translation you have to restart MesNews.

Remark : You will find the language files in the installation folder of MesNews.