Combine and decode the messages

Menu Messages\Combine and decode messages lets you regroup the messages like they were one message and show the end result. The following screen ordens the messages:

The screen groups messages that are split into different pieces: A message is split into different pieces when you see several messages with same subject but with at the end of the subject numbers (that points out how pieces of the messages there are). For example you can have two messages with subject "My picture (1/2)" and "My picture (2/2)" . To be able to view the picture you have to regroup the two messages. This you do by moving message "(2/2)" after message "(1/2)".

The arrows next to the screen lets you regroup the messages. When the messages only have a number at the end (like in the example) then they are already in the right order.

From the moment you push the button save, the messages will be put in the right order and the result will be seen in the message zone.

Remark :

  • The order of messages is important when decoding. When messages are not in the right order the joined result can not be viewed.
  • When the message is big the decoding can take a few seconds.