Choice of colmun

The information of the message show in the thread of messages can be changed, you can do this in the menu Options\colmun configuration, or by rightclicking in the messages of a tree. Following screen will be shown :


You can use upto 15 columns . To add a column or to take a column away you have to tick/untick one of the options in the list.

To change the contents of a column you have to select the column and change the information in the bottom zone. You have to change 3 data:

  • Head column : If this box is ticked this column will be the one that holds the index of the treestructure. There can be only one headcolumn.
  • Name of the column : shows the name shown in the header of the column.
  • Show : Show the data that has to appear in the column.The text between [ ] is a variable. The text outside [ ] is show as is. You can choose more than one variable from following list:
    • ??NOM?? : Name of writer of message
    • ??MAIL?? : mail of writer of message
    • ??DATEHEURE?? : date and time of sending message
    • ??DATE?? : date sending message
    • ??HEURE?? : time sending message
    • ??ID?? : Unique identification of the message (message-ID)
    • ??NUMID?? : number of message on server server
    • ??JOUR?? : date (monday, tuesday, ect) of the message
    • ??SUJET?? : subject of the message
    • [SUJETCHANGE+NOM] : subject of the message with name of the writer of the message. When subject of discussion wasn't changed it will only show the name of writer
    • ??TAILLE?? : size of the message (in KB)
    • ??NBLIGNES?? : amount of lines in the message
    • ??NBFILS?? : amount of messages in discussion (is only show at first message of discussion )
    • ??IP?? : IP adress of writer (not always available, depends on server)
    • ??TAILLEENTETE?? : size header of the message