The toolbar, is situated under the menubar, shows the most important tools of MesNews :

  • Button to write a new message. When there are already multiple screens open the arrow next to the button lets you select a screen.
  • Button to answer the selected message . The arrow next to the button lets you chose an already opened screen.
  • The third button is used to refresh the selected group, to collect new messages from the group.
  • When you push the forth button MesNews is on-line : Now you can collect new messages, send messages and synchronize other groups. When this button wasn't pushed MesNews works without connection with the servers (no synchronisatie, no sending messages possible).
  • The 5th button (the floppy) saves the selected message.
  • The 6 th button opens a saved message.
  • The 7th button shows the source of the message, like it is saved on the server.
  • The 8th button shows the X-Face/Face of selected message.
  • The 9th button (the printer) prints the selected message.
  • The 10th button codes/decodes the message in ROT13. A text that was selected will be show decoded in the screen that appears.
  • The 11 th button (envelope) will send the messages that are waiting to be send. Incase you work off-line MesNews will warn you that first you have to go on-line.
  • The last button lets you use LaurICQ to chat on ICQ.

At the end of this bar information is show according to the server status:
- Authorized post : Tells you that you are connected to the group and can send messages.
- Moderated group : You are in a moderated group : the messages send will first been moderated ( that can be by person or by a robot) before they are posted on the group. It can take some time before the message will appear in the group, it is even possible that the message never appears in the group if the message doesn't fit the criteria of the group. In this case you will get a message that includes the reason why your message was refused. (off course that is if your emailadres is a working emailadres).
- Sending not permitted : shows that the selected group is read-only (you can only read the messages but you can not send messages to this group)
- Work Off-line : sending impossible : Shows that you are working off-line so not connected to server. (4th button on toolbar was not pushed)
- Error : login/psw not correct - Error n°XXX : You are trying to get connection to a group that requires a login/password , the one you have filled in for the settings of this group or server is incorrect.
- Error : connection failed - error n°XXX : Not possible to connect with this group. The error number will help you to find the reason of this error. Most frequent errors are:10061 (server has a problem), 11004 (Server doesn't exist ), 10053 (server refuses connection).

Remark :
- The toolbar can be adjusted to show small icons, you can change this via menu Options\preferences.