Menu File\Parameters lets you configure MesNews. This is necessary to be able to send messages by mail or to a group. This menu is automatically shown when starting up MesNews.

The parameterscreen has 5 tabs :

Tab Groups :

  • Name : fill in the name that will be shown when sending messages to a group or by email. This can be changes on server or group level.
  • Organization : your organization (facultative)
  • Email : mail address that will be used in the groups and that the readers can use to mail you directly. ATTENTION : this emailadres can be used by people with bad intentions, it is advised to use an emailadres that is not important or use a munged address. (by using "invalid" at the end)
  • Reply-To : When filled in, this address will be used by readers to answer you directly. Opposite to the field Email this address has to be valid; when not filled in the field Email will be used when replying to your message.

Remark : these fields can be changed at parameters of the servers and groups. The information here will be used for servers or groups without specific parameters.

Tab Mail :

  • Email : this field HAS TO BE filled in to send emails (messages not send to group but straight to person). You HAVE TO give a valid mailadress.
  • Outgoing Mail (SMTP) : Shows the SMTP used to send mail. This is different according to your service provider and is only necessary for sending your emails. (example: put when you are connected at Tiscali etc etc.)
  • Port number : port to use when sending mail. Default value ("smtp") is normally ok; only change this when your provider gave you other instructions.

Tab signature :

Here you can fill in the signatures you want to use in newsgroups. It is the default signature and this can be changed for each server/group.

  • Random signature : when ticked the signatures are used as they are filled in in the screen signatures. Otherwise you have to fill in a signature in the field signatures
  • Signatures : fill in a default signature if the box Random signature is not ticked. You can leave this field empty when you don't want to use a signature.

Remark :

  • A signature has to be as short as possible. Do not use more than 4 lines and maximum 80 characters a line.
  • The button signatures gives access to the screen random signatures

Tab Miscellaneous :

  • XFace : Lets you place a picture (called "XFace") in each of the messages you send. MesNews shows the picture in the top left of your messages. You can set a different XFace on server or group level.
  • ICQ : fill in your ICQ number

Remark : With a plugin you can also set the XFaces in random mode. Don't confuse an "XFace" with a "Face", this is a colored version. To generate a colored Face you have to use a plugin.

Tab Expert :

ATTENTION : Change the information under this tab only if you know what you are doing. A bad configuration can prevent sending messages. (yes, that is really true) :-)

  • Header date : when ticked (default) MesNews will add header "Date:" to your messages. This field is not compulsory, most servers add this automatically. Although some servers refuse messages without this information.
  • Header message-ID : Each message send to a group has to have an unique ID. If not set this will be automatically added by server. If the server generates it it will be generated so it is unique. In default MesNews generates this ID by using a counter from the date, the hour, and the time since Windows is started up also the domain from the email used by you. You can always untick this option to let the server generate the ID number. Or you can force the domain (right side of the message-ID after the symbol @)

Remark : by tying up a message-ID you can set rules to put your messages in colors.