When writing a message in MesNews (a new message or a reply) you can automatically add a signature. This signature can be set for all messages (see file/parameters), or set for a server (see properties of server) or even set by group (see properties of group): you can choose between a fixed or random signature. This screen will let you set random signatures.

To edit the list of signatures open the menu Settings\signatures. you will see this screen:

The top part of the screen (always begin the signatures with:") makes it possible to add a text that always will be used in the beginning of a signature. At the bottom is changeable part. The signature in a message will be compound from the top part with one of the bottom options (it is possible to use only the top part or lower part when choosing a signature for a group or for a server, this you do by using the tags ??ALEATOIRE??, ??ALEATOIRE-VAR?? and ??ALEATOIRE-FIXE??) (translation: Random, Random-Changeable, Random-fixed).

The scrollbar to the right of you screen makes it possible to view all signatures. The amount of signatures inserted is shown at the bottom. (in this example the 75th signature is show, the total of signatures is 113 ).

To insert a new signature push the button plus.gif then write the text of the signature. Then validate with the button valide.gif.

To edit an existing signature you have to select the signature, then push the buttonmodifier.gif (remark : when you click in the textzone and edit the signature the button will be pushed automatically)

To delete a signature you have to push the button supprimer.gif You will be asked to confirm this.