Change view of message

By selecting a view of message you will see the following screen. Here you can change the views of MesNews:


Zone Name of view gives the name of the view that will be changed. When the name is changed the view will be renamed (as long the name doesn't exist yet)

To copy the configuration of an other view push the button : a menu gives the choice between the existing views. The button lets you configure the default style.(default style of MesNews).

To change a view choose a section. Then a font type, size, color of text, background color and the style to use for this section. You can also change the body of a message, the header, the signature and the 10 quoting levels The changes made you can see immediately in the preview at bottom. Incase this isn't the case use the button Refresh to force an update.

Once the view is like you want it validate it with the button apply. The validate the view in the screen 'management style messages

Remark :
- views are css files that are used in html files. The various views are saved with the extension cssmn in the Config folder.
- You can edit the .cssmn files also in the folder Config when you have knowledge of stylesheets. The used style is copied to the folder smileys, with the name style.css (remark : you can not edit the file style.css because: all changes would be lost when you change a view.).