Default shortcuts

Default some tasks of MesNews have shortcuts :

F1 : open of helpfiles (can not be changed)
F5 : refresh messages in selected group
CTRL + F5 : force synchronization of other groups

Management of messages :
: create new message
CTRL + G : create new message
CTRL + R : reply to selected message
F3 : open the search screen
CTRL + F : open search screen
CTRL + F3 : open the search screen "search message by message ID"
CTRL + , : go to next message in conversation
CTRL + ; : go to next message in tree
CTRL + S : open attachment

Management of messages : can not be changed:
Arrow up : select the previous message in the conversation (when focus is on messagetree)
Arrow down : select the next message in conversation (when focus is on messagetree)
Arrow right : open messagetree of selected message
Arrow left : close messagetree of selected message
Page Up : select previous message, according to height of messagetree
Page Down : select next message according to height of messagtree
CTRL + Home : selects the first message in conversation
CTRL + End : selects last message in conversation
SHIFT + Page Up : selects all messages before the selected message
SHIFT + Page Down : selects all messages after the selected message
CTRL + left mouse click : selects messages one by one
SHIFT + left mouse click : selects a group of messages

Marking of messages :
: mark as read, in function of date
CTRL + A : select all messages in a group
CTRL + Q : marks the message (or all selected messages) as read.
CTRL + T : marks the conversation (or all selected conversations) as read
SHIFT + CTRL + A : marks all messages of selected group as read
CTRL + ALT +T : downloads all the not yet downloaded messages of the selected conversation.
CTRL + U : search the next unread message in the group starting from the selected message
F4 : search next unread message in this group
MAJ + CTRL + U : search first unread message in the group
SPACE : scrolling down the body of selected message, when arriving at bottom of message go to next message in messagetree.

Compositionscreen of messages :
CTRL + Enter
: close window and send message
ALT + S : close window and send message
ESCAPE : close window and do not send message (cancel message)
CTRL + C : copy selected text
CTRL + X : cut selected text
CTRL + V : paste the text you previously copied/cut
CTRL + A : select all
CTRL + I : show "signatures" screen

- The shortcuts can be put back in default by going to the screen management of shortcuts and clicking the button reinitialize.