When you answer a message with MesNews automatically a formulation or introduction is added in the beginning of the reply. (example: "Arnaud has written:" followed by the text). The formulation used was chosen out of formulations available.

To see the list of formulations and make changes go to menu Settings\Formulations. You will see the screen:


The scrollbar on the right of the screen lets you look at all the formulations available. The amount of formulations is mentioned at the bottom (in example the 2nd formulation is shown of a total of 23 formulations).

To add a new formulation push the button plus.gif and write the text of the formulation in the textzone. Then validate with the button valide.gif.

To change an existing formulation you have to select the formulation (use scrollbar to find it) and the push on button modifier.gif (remark : When you click in textzone and edit the text this button is automatically chosen).

To remove a formulation push the button supprimer.gif. A screen will ask to confirm.

Remark : certain variables can be changed when making formulation. They have to be written in capital letters and between brackets :

  • ??NOM?? : Name of person to who you answer
  • ??DATE?? : date of message
  • ??HEURE?? : hour of message
  • ??DATEHEURE?? : dae AND hour of message
  • ??JOUR?? : Day of message ("monday", "tuesday", ...)
  • ??SUJET?? : Subject of message
  • ??ID?? : The code of the message (or message-ID)
  • ??IDNEWS?? : The code of message (of message-ID), preceded by "news:"
  • ??MAIL?? : mail of person
  • ??NUMID?? : number of message on server
  • ??IP?? : IP adres of sender
  • ??FORUM?? : Group where message was posted
  • ??FORUMS?? : List of groups where the message was posted

Remark :
- The list can be extended by plugins. For example the plubin Colors, Aormulations, Adresses (available on the website of MesNews, in the section Download) this adds the variable ??SAINT?? , this shows the Saint of that day.